Andy Ruiz Shredded 55 lbs: Geared up for the Next Fight

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Andy Ruiz was a flabby Heavyweight Boxer until He’s lost 55 Pounds!

He was one of the most unlikely champions in boxing history.

 But he needed to lose weight to save his career.

It was March 2020 when the worst hit coronavirus pandemic shook the world, boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. was brooding at his home in Southern California. Back then he was no longer the world heavyweight boxing champion.


 He was a whopping 40 pounds above his disgracefully high weight when he had been. 

Nine months earlier to this, Ruiz made headlines for the biggest boxing upset

See More, Ruiz had stunned Anthony Joshua.

Ruiz became infamous worldwide for his imperfect figure and a weak point for candy and beer.

He suddenly gained the credits for becoming the first fighter of Mexican descent to win a heavy-duty crown, having defeated Joshua, and for his god-like physique.

Andy Ruiz Jr. celebrates after beating Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.


But destiny had its play; Ruiz jam-packed on extra 15 pounds after winning the title and was not prepared for a rematch alongside Joshua.

Anthony Joshua, right, reclaimed the heavyweight title after beating Andy Ruiz Jr. in Dec. 2019.

All thanks to the pleasures that came with the victory.

He lost the title belts in a one-sided fight against Joshua that happened in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Ruiz said that his body stuffed over 300 pounds overweight around the time the sports world was shutting down in the year 2020-21

What happened later? “After Saudi Arabia, I was depressed. I was kind of mad at myself because I didn’t do the right things that I was supposed to do,” Ruiz said. “One day I woke up crying, telling myself, ‘Man, this is not me. I shouldn’t be doing this. I need to make a change in my life”.

Andy Ruiz had no looking back there on, he “hit the reset button” and he hit the gym even harder

After a 17-month pause break, a slight and slender Ruiz is set to return to action with Chris Arreola.

When the pandemic hit, he was 10 pounds more than he was earlier.

What did Andy Ruiz do to later to be in the drill?

To get into the best fighting shape of his life, Ruiz got in touch with super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and requested the star boxer if he could unite with Alvarez’s training camp in San Diego.

Back then Alvarez was preparing himself for a fight. He and trainer Eddy Reynoso opened the doors for Andy Ruiz and started training,

Now, it’s the same Andy Ruiz who is counting his calories

Major Changes Andy Ruiz adopted which made him regain Star War fame back again.

  • Instead of having a cheat meal, he would prefer having a cheat day
  • He started turning his body fat into muscle by doing weights and weight lifting
  • He worked out on his legs
  • He gained more mobility to move faster and a lot more around

The key point is that mobility exercises gave him confidence and boosted his mentality to thrive n march forwards.

The “Insult” which knocked Andy Ruiz down had made its way out as a “Motivation” at New York’s Madison Square Garden in June 2019.

The 6-foot-2 Andy Ruiz was heavy at 268 pounds at his first bout against Joshua but hiked the scales to 283 pounds for the December 2019 rematch.

The finely shaped 6-foot-6 Joshua was 237 pounds for the first fight, during the second battle Joshua was 10 pounds lighter and fitter,  Ruiz said: “ he felt sluggish during the rematch, which Joshua easily won in a unanimous decision”.

“It was the heaviness. It was the way Andy was training. He didn’t have much confidence to chuck off a lot of knocks,” Ruiz said. “I was being pulled over here, over there. I wasn’t really thinking about the rematch. I was living in the moment at that time.”

Andy Ruiz says he has lost 55 pounds during training.




Key Takeaways

All of the hard work Andy Ruiz had put in an entire week; He would destroy in one day with a cheat meal.

On a cheat meal day, He would eat so much stuff thinking its one day that he could do whatever I want and have the time of his life, he could eat whatever he want.

After life’s challenges thrown at him, he now has a modest check at the calories that he eats. “Sweets. Candies. Pastries. Cupcakes. Snickers. Sodas”, the list which went on has been off the road.

While Ruiz has been busy getting fitter and be at his best for the battle, his heavyweight rivals have largely moved on.

Ruiz said he’d receive the chance to retrieve the labels and titles he lost but his focus for now is on the upcoming bout against Arreola.

Ruiz admitted that he is living disciplined life with his weight, saying: “I’m way better than I was before but I want to be at like 235lbs, 235-240lbs, but strong, be lean. For me to be there I gotta stay consistent and I gotta stay disciplined”.

In a much hyped age of hyper-scientific workouts and quarterbacks anxious of carbohydrates, the new heavyweight champion of the world Andy Ruiz appears breathtaking and absolutely normal.

Now everyone wants a piece of Ruiz. Ruiz’s Instagram following had bounced into leaps from 62,000 followers to 800,000, just in a blink of an eye.

This Mexican born chap to its native immigrants – Andy Ruiz is the first heavyweight champ of Mexican plunge.

Ruiz is an exceptionally gifted talent with native boxing skills. But what’s really made Andy Ruiz an overnight sensation is that he doesn’t precisely look like a group of glorified modern athlete.

Ruiz’s body is not chiseled out of stone; it’s made out of sweat and perseverance.


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