Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss: Secret Disclosed

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Weight gain and obesity are not the problems of a common person. Even celebrities suffer from these problems. Many celebrities have worked hard and chosen surgeries to get back into shape. Even many of them share their weight loss journey on reality shows and media.

One of the most fascinating weight loss stories is of Gabourey Sidibe. This chubby American actress tried a strict diet plan to get a slim body. We will discuss her weight loss journey and what is her diet and workout plan in this blog.

Who is Gabourey Sidibe?

Gabourey Sidibe is an American actress from Brooklyn, New York City, USA. She started her film career with the film Precious in the year 2009. The actress also won the Independent Spirit Award for the female lead role. Apart from that, the actress also received many nominations for her other movies.

This actress has appeared in many headlines because of her obesity. She also suffered from various physical issues such as Type-2 Diabetes, stress, and anxiety. Her proper diet plan and workout plan helped her to lose about 150 pounds in just a few weeks.

How did the actress decide to lose weight?

Obesity is the most embarrassing feeling for anyone in the world. Gabourey Sidibe also felt the same while working in the film industry. She received negative comments constantly from directors and her co-actors for obesity. Many people also advised her to quit the film industry because of her obesity.

Before a few years, Gabourey Sidibe came to know that she has Type-2 diabetes. This news shook her world and finally, she decided to lose extra calories from the body. Doctors even told them that her obesity might also cause the risk of early death. All these statements finally forced the actress to lose weight.

How did the actress lose her weight?

Gabourey Sidibe faced many health problems due to obesity such as stress, anxiety, and Type-2 Diabetes. She talked to her doctor Dr. Bradley Schwack about her weight gain. The doctor suggested her weight loss surgery and she chose it to lose fats in the body.

After weight loss surgery, the actress lost about 80% of her belly fat. The surgery also made a lot of changes in her body. Her belly became flat, and she could not feel hungry every time. Gabourey was not able to consume food like before. Although the surgery was not easy, the actress still lost many pounds of her body.

Gabourey Sidibe also confirmed that she underwent surgery to lose weight. She also agrees that this surgery helped her lot to lose calories. Without this weight loss surgery, it would not have been possible for the actress to lose around 150 pounds. Moreover, this expensive weight loss surgery changed the life of the actress in a short time. But along with this, Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight loss diet also helped her in this journey from becoming fat to fit.

Effective tips of Gabourey Sidibe Weight loss diet 

A weight-loss diet helped Gabourey Sidibe to lose many pounds even after weight loss surgery. The chubby actress followed many tips of a weight loss diet to get into perfect shape. Let us have a look at the weight loss diet of Gabourey Sidibe in the below section:

  1. Avoiding fast and junk foods

The first thing that was part of Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight loss journey was eliminating junk food. Soon after getting the news of obesity and Type-2 Diabetes, the actress stopped eating spicy and junk foods. Although she loves Oreos, pizza, and Fries since her childhood days, her diet still does not include these foods now. She did not consume pizza, foods with high carbs and fats, and drinks such as soft drinks and soda.

The actress stopped consuming pizza, Oreos, fries, and burgers completely. These foods contain a lot of fats and carbs and even salt. Instead, the actress used to consume hummus and vegetable chips. Moreover, the actress stopped eating all kinds of processed foods to reduce fat consumption.

  1. Reduce sugar and salt intake

Gabourey Sidibe came to know that she had Type-2 Diabetes. Soon, she decided to cut her sugar and salt intake in her food. She stopped consuming cupcakes, Oreos, and fries. Apart from that, she also stopped eating other foods with high sugar content to treat Type-2 Diabetes. The actress decided to quit all her favorite foods to lose weight and get relief from Type-2 Diabetes.

  1. Avoiding soda

Soda is one of the favorite foods of Gabourey. But her obesity made her stop drinking soda. In her childhood days, the actress consumed a lot of soda with burgers and fries because of which she gained weight. She stopped drinking soda completely after knowing that she suffered from Type-2 Diabetes. She would drink cold water with lemon slices. This water helped to get rid of all the toxins in the body.

  1. Eating in a limited quantity

One of the best tips that Gabourey Sidibe followed was to eat in small portions. It is important to consume food in limited amounts to burn fats in the body. According to the recommendations of her nutritionist, Gabourey consumed food in limited quantities. She used to consume fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains in the right amount.

The actress used to consume more protein and foods such as avocado, olive oil, and seeds. These foods contain healthy fats and help the body to lose weight in a short time.

  1. Eating at the right interval

To lose weight, you must eat food at the right time. Gabourey started eating 6 to 7 meals every day. Apart from that, she also used to consume a heavy breakfast and a light dinner. She also used to drink a lot of water during the full day. She would drink water every 20 minutes before meals. Consumption of more water reduced her habit of overeating and kept her body hydrated.

  1. Use a small plate

This tip helped the actress to lose extra pounds of the body. The actress used to consume food on a small plate to lose weight. This tip helped her brain to consume less food. Even some of the best dieticians and nutritionists suggest this tip to lose calories in the body.


  1. Which other ways did Gabourey Sidibe try to lose weight of the body?

Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss diet helped her to lose many pounds. Apart from that, she also followed a good exercise plan to lose fats. The actress talked to her personal trainer and started exercising to lose weight. Some of the best exercises that formed a part of her daily exercise routine included treadmill walk, stair stepper, and other low-impact exercises. Moreover, she used to perform yoga to lose extra calories from the body.

Additionally, the actress used to spend many hours at the gym to get a good figure.

  1. How much weight did the actress lose?

Actress Gabourey Sidibe tried an exercise plan and weight loss diet plan to lose extra pounds. She weighed about 350 pounds while shooting for the movie Precious. The actress lost about 150 pounds by trying different ways and undergoing a knife. She also inspired many other people to lose weight with a simple diet and a lot of exercises.

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