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What is Red Mountain Weight Loss Program?

Red Mountain Weight Loss Program is the largest in the Southwest. There are two types of weight loss programs, first is the Red Mountain Lifestyle program which is based on patients’ daily requirement of calories and nutritional values, as per their lifestyle and activity levels. And second is RM3 program, in RM3 program they give you a diet plan, patented medication, weekly shots, and supplements that are natural and have no side effects. Supplements contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and things to boost up the metabolism, increase energy levels, and help in appetite control and cravings. 

Dr. Suzanne Bentz is the founder and the chief medical officer for more than 30 years. Her passion for helping patients to lose weight motivated her to start the program. Dr. Bentz is graduated from Texas Christian University in nutrition/health science. She received her degree in 1991 and in 1995 she started the Red Mountain Weight Loss program. After many years of hard work dr. Bentz and her team opened 16 centers to help people with obesity and lifestyle issues. 

Dr. Suzanne after starting the Red Mountain Weight Loss program came across many people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol that is related to obesity. To help the majority of people she became board certified in Obesity Medicine.

What are the Benefits of RM3?

  • Helps in rapid weight loss under medical supervision.
  • Speed up the fat-burning process.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Helps in maintaining weight loss.
  • Keep energy levels high. 
  • Maintains insulin levels.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • Helps in weight loss even with medical conditions like thyroid, high BP, diabetes, menopause, etc.

How Much Does the Red Mountain Weight Loss Program Cost?

Red Mountain Weight Loss program costs $200 – $500 per month. It depends upon the type of program you select to lose weight. If you are diagnosed with a medical condition, you can pay with your health savings account to lose weight. 

Do you need any Special Food in Red Mountain Weight Loss Program?

You don’t need to buy any special or packaged food in Red Mountain Weight Loss Program. In this program, you eat normal food that you usually buy from groceries every day. Dr. Bentz says, “our programs all consist of real foods that patients are buying from the grocery store because we want to make sure that they know how to eat for life.” Red Mountain shares 300 recipes with their clients that are plan-friendly and they also guide them on what to eat at the restaurant so that they can attend and enjoy all the social gatherings. 

 Red Mountain Weight Loss Locations?

Red Mountain Weight Loss has the largest weight loss practice in the Southwest, with 16 locations throughout Texas and Arizona. Dr. Bentz and her team is helping thousands of patients with their patented medical weight loss program. They have highly qualified medical professionals who help people to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for a lifetime. 

“For the past several months during the health crisis, many patients have resorted to emotional eating as an unhealthy coping mechanism, coining the term ‘Quarantine 15’ as a serious result of stress eating, boredom and comfort eating, binge eating,” said Dr. Suzanne Bentz, the chief medical officer and the founder of Red Mountain Weight Loss program. 

Seeing the situation Dr. Bentz started video consultations, and telehealth technology to help more and more patients throughout Texas and Arizona.  

How much weight can you Lose on RM3?

Your weight loss depends upon your age, metabolism, and the type of plan you select, but you can lose 10-20 pounds in a month. Dr. Bentz says, “Because we’re a weight loss program, we’re not really for that patient that can pick up a diet in a magazine and lose a few pounds,” she adds, “We’re for the people that are really struggling and have a genetic predisposition to obesity, be taking multiple medications, or have factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or metabolic syndrome.”

Are there any side effects of RM3 medications?

No, all the medications prescribed in RM3 are safe. They are all-natural, it contains natural, medical-grade hormones, and antioxidants. Some have misconceptions that it causes hair fall, but the hair fall is certainly because of rapid weight loss. Therefore they recommend you to take biotin supplements as well as Nioxin shampoo while on the program. 

Conclusion on Red Mountain Weight Loss Program 

If you are anywhere in the Southwest, you can surely take the advantage of this wonderful weight loss program that is supervised by medical professionals. They have many locations, you can check the nearest to your place. You can also take video appointments during this pandemic. The best thing about this program is you don’t just lose weight you maintain it for a lifetime. Also, you don’t need to spend on extra packed food items rather you eat normally which is readily accessible. The red Mountains also help people with diabetes, high BP, High Cholesterol, and other medical conditions. If you like this article please like, share, and follow us. Do write in the comment section about your weight loss program and experience with the Red Mountain Weight Loss Program. Stay Safe! 

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