How Did Alec Baldwin Lose Weight?

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‘How did Alec Baldwin Lose Weight’ is definitely a topic to be discussed. Alexander Rae Baldwin III was born on April 3, 1958, in Amityville, New York, U.S. He is called Alec Baldwin, who is a famous American actor, writer, comedian, producer, and political activist. Baldwin got fame after appearing on the sixth and seventh seasons of CBS primetime Soap Opera Knots Landing.

This famous star lost more than a hundred pounds and looks stunning after a huge weight loss. He is unrecognizable and looks very dashing. 

Alec Baldwin’s Weight Loss Journey

In 2011 Alec was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. This was the time when he thought to make dietary changes and cut off all the sugar and unhealthy foods to control his spiked sugar levels. In the same year thankfully, he met Hilaria Baldwin who is now his wife and a professional yoga instructor. Hilaria Baldwin continuously made efforts for helping her husband to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Alec Baldwin Diet for Weight Loss

Alec Baldwin changed his diet completely. He switched all unhealthy stuff with healthy ones.

He ate all unhealthy stuff like bread, pasta, refined carbs, snacks, sauces, and high sugary foods. He completely eliminated all this with healthy food. Hilaria helped her partner to lose weight by adopting healthy eating habits and following a workout routine. 

Hilaria was super strict, she doesn’t keep any snacks or junk or sugary food in the house. So whenever she is not around Alec gets those for him – revealed the insider. 

Hilaria revealed in the book ‘The Living Clearly Method’ and said, that Alec — who underwent hip replacement surgery in February – first changed his diet once he learned that his blood sugars were at “pre-diabetic levels.”

“This was an alarming wake-up call that rocked him to the core,” she wrote. “This was a moment for drastically putting order where disorder had taken over; his body chemistry couldn’t re-balance until the aggravating foods and drinks were removed.”

Baldwin said on Extra which was hosted by his wife Hilaria that “I started juicing in the morning—I don’t eat breakfast,” he said. “I wanted to lose weight, I was pre-diabetic, and I didn’t want to shoot insulin… Green juices, cashew milk… Trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible.”

Here is the list of food items that Alec Baldwin included in his diet to lose weight :

  • Fruit smoothie
  • Vegetable juice
  • Low glycemic foods
  • Lean meat, fish
  • Brown rice
  • Whole wheat bread, low-fat dairy products
  • Mediterranean diet (full of fiber, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, olive oil, fish, seafood, herbs, legumes)

How Pete Davidson helped Alec Baldwin to Lose Weight

Pete Davidson and Alec Baldwin met on Saturday night live while performing the skit Pete took off his shirt and Alec was very much fascinated by his slim and trim body. And out of curiosity, he asked the comedian Pete how does he maintain his weight? 

Being in his 50s Pete does not want to sound rude by telling him that he has a metabolism. So he said that about the faux regime. Davidson said___

  • He wakes up early every day
  • Does 100 pushups every day
  • 100 situps every day

Let’s have look at the duo pictures.

Pete claimed that his faux regime helped and motivated Baldwin to lose weight. 

In an interview with Howard Stern show, Baldwin revealed that he does 100 pushups every day whose credit goes to Pete. 

Alec Baldwin Dropped his Pants to show How much Weight He Lost

Alec dropped his pants in a show hosted by Jimmy Fallon to show how much weight he lost. Alec said, “You want to see how much weight I’ve lost? Ready? My pant doesn’t even fit me anymore.” “Oh my god, “You look fantastic” Fallon then exclaimed. 

Alec Baldwin’s Age, Height, and Weight

Alec is 63 years old but looks very young and handsome, thanks to his wife Hilaria Baldwin taking the great initiative to help his husband get rid of excess weight and a toxic lifestyle which was a great risk for his husband. Alec Baldwin has a great personality, he is 5 feet 11 inches. Talking about the weight Baldwin has lost more than 100 pounds. Alec Baldwin is 165 lbs (75kg).  

Conclusion on How Did Alec Baldwin Lose Weight

Looking at the drastic transformation, Alec looks extremely fit and dashing. He managed to lose 100 pounds which is a great achievement. No wonder the credit goes to his wife. Baldwin with his strict diet and intense workout regime lost significant weight. He is an inspiration for all, don’t wait for the time when your medical condition makes you adopt changes rather start changing your poor lifestyle and follow healthy habits to stay fit and healthy. Do follow his diet and exercise routine to some extra pounds to look slimmer. If you enjoyed reading please like, share, and follow us. Till then Bye! Stay Healthy!

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