How did Jessica Simpson Lose Weight

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Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress, fashion designer, and author. She is a very well know celebrity, who broke the internet by sharing her pictures on Instagram and social media in which she had shed 100 pounds in less than six months. Isn’t amazing? Her fans are wondering and going crazy to see such a drastic and beautiful change in her. Jessica gained weight after her third pregnancy. Jessica worked very hard to lose weight and made it possible with her trainer Harley Pasternak and nutritionist Liz Josefberg. She revealed that she followed 5 daily tasks to shed 100 pounds in six months. She also revealed a significant weight loss transformation on Instagram.

After achieving the huge change, Jessica’s fans went crazy and asked how did she do it? Well, nothing is impossible if you are determined to do it. Along with her hard work, her trainer Harley has given his 100% so she can achieve her target. Hats off to both for nailing it. 

Harley Pasternak had set five daily tasks for Jessica which she followed very seriously, which helped her to attain her goal. Pasternak helped Jessica to modify her lifestyle which worked out the best. Wanna know these 5 routine tasks?? We will discuss them in the article along with the diet and workout routine. 

Jessica Simpsons Workout Routine, Diet, and 5 Daily Tasks to shed 100 Pounds

  • Walking 14000 Steps Everyday

Jessica’s trainer made her start walking 6000 steps a day, which is not at all a difficult task and can be done with her family and friends. Slowly, she increased to 14000 steps a day. She enjoyed it and made it a part of the day till now.

  • Jessica Ate Three Balanced Meals and Two Snacks

Jessica ate three balanced meals and two snacks every day. Eating less every day won’t work in the long run so she ate joyfully three healthy meals that include protein, fiber, and fat. Jessica followed the Body Reset Diet created by her Trainer Harley Pasternak. Each day she consumed between 1200-1400 calories. She enjoyed her food and never compromised with what she liked, she made her favorite food in her own healthy way. 

  • Jessica Turned off from the technology for an Hour Everday 

Jessica not only focused on eating right and doing the right workout but also unplugged from the technology that helped her to sleep well and peacefully. Her trainer suggested staying off social media for an hour before bedtime for sound sleep. Jessica achieved physical as well as mental health which is clearly seen in her significant weight loss journey. 

  • Jessica Hit the Gym only Thrice a Week for 45 Minutes 

Jessica only spent 45 minutes in the gym thrice a week.  During this 45-minute session, she focused to exercise muscles of all the body parts to lose weight. Her weekly regime and daily habits helped her to shed 100 pounds.

  • Seven Hours of Sleep Every Night

Adequate sleep is very important if you are trying to lose weight. Many people undervalue the importance of sleep but it is equally important as any other daily routine task. Jessica was very positive and motivated throughout her weight loss journey, she emailed every day before sleeping that she successfully completed all the tasks and fulfilled all her responsibilities joyfully. Sound seven hours of sleep played a major role in dropping pounds said, Harley Pasternak. 

Jessica Simpson Drank Plenty of Water to Lose weight

Jessica Simpson drank plenty of water to lose weight. Proper hydration is very essential for everyday health but it plays a key role when it comes to weight loss or weight management. We are often confused between thrust and hunger which makes us overeat even if not hungry. Simpson was drinking around 100 ounces of water every day during her weight loss journey. “Hydration is a secret weapon for weight loss,” Josefberg said. It increases metabolism and burns calories at a faster rate which helps in weight loss. 

Simpson’s Approach to Food

Simpson ate eggs, or white smoothie, greens, or a slice of sourdough for her breakfast.  For lunch, she ate tuna salad, a bowl of protein with vegetables, and rice for dinner. Jessica ate 2 snacks in between meals. These snacks include protein, fiber, and fat-filled snacks. That keeps her full and satisfied. She ate a few almonds or green beans sprinkled with parmesan cheese or crackers. She did not have any cheat days but cheat meals. She was allowed to have even a piece of cake once in a while, but on the other hand, she use to balance the calories somewhere else.

Jessica Simpson didn’t Drink Alcohol throughout her Weight loss Journey

Jessica completely quit alcohol to avoid extra calories. Her trainer said “ she is living a healthy, balanced life. All credit goes to Simpson’s dedication and hard work. She was addicted to alcohol for years but made a drastic change in 2017 and gave up alcohol altogether to reach her goal. 

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Smoothie

Harley Pasternak’s Healthy smoothie for breakfast:


  • 5 almonds chopped
  • 1 red apple chopped
  • 1 banana chopped 
  • ¾ cup nonfat greek yogurt
  • ½ cup nonfat milk
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon


Blend all the ingredients in a blender. Blend well for 30 seconds and enjoy your white smoothie. 

 Conclusion on how did Jessica Simpson lose weight : 

Jessica Simpson had achieved a significant change after her third pregnancy. She made a record and showed everyone that nothing is impossible if you are determined to do something. She shed 100 pounds in less than six months with the help of her trainer Harley Pasternak and nutritionist Josefberg. Jessica followed 5 key habits that helped her to drop 100 pounds. If you wanna lose weight like her please follow the above habits and diet. If you like the article please like, share, and follow us. Till then bye stay gorgeous!

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