How did ‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Lose Weight

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Kathryn Dennis is a famed model and a television star. She was born on 6th August 1991 in South California, United States. Kathryn completed her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and communication from the University of South California. She came into the spotlight after becoming a part of the TV series ‘ Southern Charm’ but she was already well-known for her modeling works. 

Let us know how ‘Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis lose weight. Kathryn now weighed around 120-130 pounds. She was around 150 pounds before starting her weight loss journey. She looks amazing after shedding 20-30 pounds. She was very hardworking and determined during her weight loss journey and her hard work paid off which is clearly visible in her before and after pictures

Kathryn Dennis Height and Weight

Kathryn is a well-known TV actress, who started her career doing modeling at a very young age. Her fans love her for her work and she maintains her work-life pretty well. Kathryn looks pretty tall, her height is 5 feet 11 inches, and weighs around 55 kg. She was around 68 Kg before her weight loss and worked hard to maintain her look, physique, and fame.  

Did Kathryn take any Supplements to Lose Weight?

Kathryn looked so charming and distinctive after her weight loss that her fans assumed that she might take supplements or drugs to reduce weight. However, this was just the assumption, not the reality. Dennis later clarified that she didn’t take any supplements to lose weight rather she completely worked on her diets and workouts to lose weight. 

Kathryn Dennis Workout Routine

Kathryn follows a strict diet and workout routine. She goes to the gym three times a week. She starts her morning with a morning walk for an hour to keep herself fit, refreshing, and active throughout the day. She also attends yoga classes to lose extra weight, gain flexibility, and tone muscles. These combined efforts helped Dennis with her successful weight loss journey. 

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Diet 

Kathryn completely cut off the unhealthy foods, processed foods, and fat-containing foods from her diet. She also stopped taking alcohol and other sugary drinks that may hinder her weight loss process. 

Kathryn completely replaced unhealthy foods with healthy and home-cooked food. She also replaced soft drinks and alcohol with green tea to support her weight loss. Kathryn with her mindful eating and healthy habits made a fabulous change. This fabulous change is appreciated and wondered her fans. Kathryn looks stunning in her pink outfit after her weight loss.

Kathryn made a great change in her diet and exercise routine that helped in weight loss. She also inculcated the same habit of healthy eating and exercising in her children as well. 

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Surgery 

After a significant weight loss, her fans were curious and questioned whether she had a weight loss surgery to lose weight and maintain her looks? Kathryn revealed some of her cosmetic surgeries it was to plump her lips and Jeuveau (a new form of Botox). She also chose a CoolSculpting procedure. She lost weight through workouts and diets. Here is a picture from her botox surgery which she shared on her Instagram.

Kathryn Dennis’ Family Life

Kathryn married Thomas Ravenel in 2013. They together have two children son and a daughter. But after a few years, the couple got separated. Kathryn struggled a lot with the custody of her children. Kathryn’s husband Thoman claims that their son was diagnosed with FAS due to Kathryn’s excessive drug and alcohol consumption for which he is going through speech and occupational therapy for his delays. 

Kathryn and Thomas had 50/50 custody but later Thomas was arrested for battery and assault so Kathryn asked for full custody. This phase was huge and rough for Kathryn. Finally, they got joined custody in 2019. Again due to drug abuse and alcohol consumption Kathryn lost custody and now she is allowed to meet her children on weekends.

Kathryn in the year 2020 moved on and started dating Chleb Ravenell. Here is the picture of the romantic couple.

Both dated each other for a year and got apart.  Kathryn once shared that she wants to marry again and have children but later she deleted all the Instagram posts related to Chleb. And she declared that they are no longer in a relationship. 

Conclusion on How did ‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Lose Weight 

Kathryn lost significant weight with a strict diet, workouts, and yoga. She now looks stunning and even prettier. Her fans wondered how did she manage to lose weight but her healthy habits and lifestyle change made her successful in her weight loss journey which is admirable. If you want to lose weight you can also follow Kathryn’s healthy habits, morning walk routine, exercise, and yoga. If you like the article please like, share, and follow us. Stay in and stay safe!


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