How Joe Thomas Dropped 50 Pounds

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Wondering how Joe Thomas dropped 50 pounds after their retirement? This well-known football player has a huge transformation after retiring from NFL (National Football League). There are so many body types in NFL, the defensive players are on the defensive line and have to be heavier so that they can prevent the offense from scoring and other players like a kicker have to be lighter so that they can easily kick and make goals. 

Joe Thomas’ College Life 

Thoman joined the University of Wisconsin, where he played for the Wisconsin Badgers Football team from 2003-2006.  Joe Thomas was 250 pounds when he joined Wisconsin, they wanted Joe to be on the defensive line but 250 pounds were not enough to make it. Joe mentioned in Men’s Health that he use to eat jelly peanut butter sandwiches. He eats a sandwich every 30 minutes on top of his 3 meals. And at the end of the day, he drinks around 35 ounces of milk.

In college, he ate too much to gain weight. He ate until he fell sick. He also had a drink that was full of cream and had around 980 calories (mostly fat). By the end of the year, he gained 30 pounds and continued to gain 10 pounds every year until he was 310 pounds. 

After reaching 325 he made it in the NFL. During his NFL journey, it was very hard for him to maintain the weight of being a defensive player. He had to eat a lot because he was afraid of weighing less. Whereas others have to eat less so that they could not put on otherwise they would be fined. Joe said he use to finish everyone else’s plate at the table. 

Joe Thomas Height and Weight 

Joe is 1.98 m tall (6 feet 5.9 inches ) and weighs 311 lb (141 kg). He is a decorated athlete, who served NFL for 11 years and has taken retirement in march 2018. After retirement, Thomas shed 50 pounds and his present weight is 262 pounds. 

Joe Thomas Then and Now

Former NFL player Joe Thomas has a great transformation. He looks extremely fit and hard to recognize. He lost 50 pounds with his weight-loss strategies and workout. 

Joe Thomas Diet and Exercise Routine

Joe Thomas lost significant weight by combining two things: Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet. Thomas says he eats between noon to six pm. He takes 1500-2000 calories a day which includes veggies and proteins. Which keeps him full for longer and helped in weight loss. Thomas also twitted that if you want to lose weight, all you need to do is two things:

  1. Skip eating breakfast 
  2. Stop eating carbs

Intermittent Fasting is very popular to lose weight and is in trend. It includes a period of fasting where you should not eat anything and an eating window during which you can eat. In this, you keep fast for 16 hours and eat during the remaining 8 hours. Joe Thomas also adopted this method to lose weight. He skipped breakfast and ate between noon to six pm. 

Keto Diet – Along with 16 hours of fasting Thomas focussed on Keto Diet. He completely cut off the carbs from his diet. During his eating window, he ate only keto-friendly diets. The Keto diet is a diet that focuses on high fat, low carbohydrate, and moderate protein diet. Keto Diet has many health benefits and helps you to lose weight. And it helped the great athlete to successfully complete his weight loss journey. 

First 30-40 pounds Were easy to shed says Thomas,

In Men’s Health, he wrote, “After I retired, it was really easy to lose that first 20, 30, 40 pounds. I just dialed back my calories to eat like a normal human. But after that, I had to eat smarter. As I tracked my meals, I started to understand my ideal ratio of protein, carbs, and fats. Tracking foods on the app and realizing, wow, this one food has so much added sugar—that was a huge thing for me.”

He continued, “My best strategy has been low carb, but flexible—with some intermittent fasting. For me, fasting has the primary benefit of eliminating breakfast, which for me was 800-1,000 calories. Eating fats and proteins now actually keeps me full. When I eat carbs, though, I only get hungrier. Christmas morning, I finished off a stack of 10 pancakes my wife made—probably 3,000 calories. And two hours later I was hungry.”

Joe Thomas Weight Loss Workout

  • Thomas swims 30-35 laps twice a week which helped his stressed joints due to playing football for these long years. He says it is good cardio which helps in weight loss. 
  • He also practices yoga and said, “I also love yoga. It makes my body feel REALLY good. It helps my joints and it’s also cardio for me. My wife laughs. She calls it a stretch. But for me, it’s a great workout because I sweat heavily. I’m down to 255. I’m actually trying to lose a little bit right now. I guess that’s kind of what everybody says.” 
  • He also does weight lifting to strengthen the muscles. 

Conclusion on How Joe Thomas Dropped 50 Pounds

Joe Thomas the famed athlete served NFL for 11 years and got a huge fan following. Even after the NFL, he is being appreciated for his significant weight loss. He lost 50 pounds with two weight-loss strategies and a workout.  No doubt a healthy weight is always helpful in healthy living. If you like our article please like, share, and follow us. Bye Bye! Stay Safe!


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