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You must be remembering the character Hector Lopez from the TV series Becker, Right? He is none other than Jorge Garcia. Born in Chile, this actor has acted in many TV shows such as Lost and Alcatraz. Apart from TV shows, the actor is also famous in the headlines because of his obesity.

The actor made a lot of effort to lose weight. Jorge lost about 45 kg with a proper weight loss plan. We will now discuss how this actor lost many pounds with a simple diet and normal weight loss ways.

Did the actor lose weight?  

Obesity became the most embarrassing thing for Jorge Garcia. Many directors and co-actors also asked the actor to lose some pounds from his body. Even during the shooting of TV shows, the actor constantly faced negative comments from the team.

Jorge shared on the media that wrong food habits and drinking problems caused obesity. The actor had about 400 pounds at one time. Because of obesity, he also used to face many health issues. Finally, Jorge Garcia decided to lose weight and look fit.

The weight loss journey of the actor attracted many of his fans. The actor also accepted many roles in TV shows even when he suffered from obesity.

Amazing weight loss journey of Jorge Garcia 

Jorge repeatedly received negative comments about his weight. But after his successful TV career, the comedian cum actor changed many habits to lose weight of the body. He also got suggestions from his friends and family members to lose weight.

Garcia gained many pounds due to wrong food habits. Apart from that, the actor also had a bad habit of consuming alcohol regularly. These wrong habits increased the weight up to 180 kg.

An article also described the actor’s food addiction. Jorge decided to lose pounds by changing his food habits. He also took useful tips from nutritionists and dieticians. Besides, the actor also hired a workout coach to get a proper weight loss plan. Read further to know about the amazing story of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey.

Daily Hawker published a long article on how the actor lost many pounds of his body. The article said that the actor used to consume nutritional powder to lose extra fats from the body. This powder includes inactive yeast that helps to burn stubborn fats on the belly, china, and the whole body.

How much weight did Jorge lose?

Bad comments from people and family members due to obesity made actor think twice about losing weight. While shooting for the TV show Lost, Jorge Garcia lost around 30 pounds. But this was not the end of his obesity. The actor again started his wrong food habits out of frustration. He again gained some more pounds than before.

After much hard work, the actor started consuming the Nooch diet. This diet contains deactivated yeast that helps to overcome obesity and weight gain. The Nooch diet mainly includes green leafy vegetables such as spinach and carrots. Besides, the diet also includes proteins and fibrous foods.

The most important step that thing that helped the actor lose weight was quitting alcohol. He stopped drinking alcohol and lost around 100 pounds from 400 pounds by following a healthy diet plan.

Weight loss plan of Jorge Garcia

Normally, the change in food habits will bring a positive impact on the body. But this method did not work well in the case of Jorge Garcia at first. He tried to change his food habits and lost 30 pounds but again gained weight by starting the wrong eating habits. The actor made a continuous effort to lose weight by changing food habits but could not get the results.

Jorge finally adopted a healthy diet plan to lose weight. Daily Hawker newspaper published an article on how the actor lost pounds with some simple tips. Some of the best weight loss tips from Jorge Garcia’s weight loss plan are:

  • Eating fresh fruits and green vegetables instead of spicy and oily food.
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Spending long hours in exercise and workouts
  • Doing exercises such as sit-ups and arm wrestling
  • Doing some physical tasks such as walking and jogging with a healthy diet plan
  • Consuming foods with more proteins and low or no carbs

The actor combined both exercises and diet plans to burn fat cells in the body. He also used to do simple breathing exercises to lose weight of the body quickly. His food did not include carbohydrates even in a small percentage

If we look at the weight loss journey of Jorge Garcia, it wasn’t easy as we think. However, his dedication made it possible to lose weight. This actor also said that eating unhealthy food and drinking alcohol are major reasons for weight gain.

In addition to that, the actor used to follow some other tips such as:

  • Drinking about 10 glasses of water every day
  • Reducing intake or cutting fats from the diet.
  • Avoiding food such as cheese, butter, soda, potatoes, and meat
  • Counting calories daily for a better idea
  • Avoiding milk products like frozen yogurt and ice cream

Smart weekly weight loss plan of Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia shared many things about his weight loss journey in the media and a newspaper. His weekly weight loss diet plan was as under:

Day 1- Consuming fruits only

Day 2- Consuming vegetables only

Day 3- Consuming fruits and vegetables both

Day 4- Consuming 8 bananas with 4 glasses of milk

Day 5- Consuming 6 tomatoes with brown rice and chicken breasts

Day 6- Eating brown rice with vegetables, fish, and chicken breast

Day 7- Eating brown rice with fruits, vegetables, and juices

Many people followed this weight loss plan after the actor lost about 100 pounds.

Important exercises that formed part of Jorge’s weight loss regimen

Jorge Garcia made a lot of changes in his food habits. Apart from that, he also used to exercise a lot. Some of the most important exercises that the actor used to do daily include:

  • Sit-ups and Arm circles
  • Neck rotation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Running on stairs daily
  • Air cycling
  • Rotating wrists
  • Running or jogging


  1. What are the most effective tips of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss diet plan?

If you want to lose weight quickly, follow some important tips from Jorge Garcia’s weight loss plan. You should drink water before consuming meals. Apart from that, you must consume foods that contain dissolved fiber and a high amount of proteins. Do not consume sugary beverages or fruit juices. Avoid consuming spicy and oily foods to lose extra fats from the body.

  1. How much weight does the actor have today?

The actor faced many health issues due to obesity. He also received bad and negative comments from people for his obesity. After following a strict diet plan and exercise regimen, the actor lost around 45 kg. His weight is about 300 lbs. now.

  1. What does the actor do now?

According to the latest reports, the actor Jorge Garcia is now working on many new projects. His new project is Jerry Ortega. Two years back, the actor acted in many movies such as The Wrong Missy and Nobody Knows I’m Here, and some more.

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