Rebel Wilson’s Incredible Evolution from “Fat Amy” to 66 lbs Weight loss

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This gracious female star Rebel Wilson has gone through a major shift in transforming her body over the last couple of years

The 42 years old, has made headlines where she lost an incredible 66lbs after completely renovating her lifestyle, she looks insanely beautiful like a new born star

Back to when she started her career.

Over weight for Rebel Wilson has always been a double-edged sword it even brought her to enticing roles in the film industry like “Fat Amy”, also deceived her of some film roles

She gathered a huge fan base following her role in a famous character; Amy in “Pitch Perfect series” even called herself ‘Fat Amy’

Here is what she has to say regarding her weight loss transformation, “Just try your best to be healthy and don’t be so hard on yourself”.


Rebel Wilson acknowledged the year 2020 as “Year of Health” on her Instagram and made a collective list of her weight loss goals

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  • “The Pitch Perfect” stars also known as FAT AMY, lost almost 80 pounds, arrived at her goal weight, and is now on a journey to spotlighting herself on “maintenance.”


  • Rebel works out with trainer Jono Castano—and she recently revealed that motherhood inspired her to keep working towards her fitness goals.

Fat Amy’s desire to be a mom ignited her weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson was battling polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which affects fertility on a long run.

“Your ovaries are forced to be enlarged and hold follicles that surround the eggs. Consequently, the ovaries might fail to purpose to operate regularly,” Also Read,  Mayo Clinic

Fat Amy visited her fertility doctor, who told her that if she turns to be healthier and lose weight, she had chances to have higher rate of fertile eggs good enough to harvest and freeze for future offspring’s development.

Amy was taken aback and felt dejected on realizing the hard-to-digest news, it was later that she convinced herself that what the doctor told was correct and she needed to think of herself and future…she didn’t think of her present needs..She reassured herself that she was carrying a lot of excess weight around her body and she had to shed them off.

A visualization of a future child’s needs made her kick in motherly instincts and she made a right decision to lose weight.

She was single back then and she just did the right thing being one, because at that moment it was the right thing to do owing to her biological clock

“Any woman who’s gone through it, I really relate to,” she said. “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t know how it’s going to end. But I’m still young enough to try.”


Rumour Related to rebel Wilsons weight loss

Rebel unfurnished up rumors that she was adopting, Mayr method, a diet based on the “Mayr Cure” created by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, who is an Austrian physician, existed about 100 years ago.

It believes that many are poisoning their digestive systems eating the not so right food and also not eating them correctly.

So the basic goal was to improve health through digestion.

But in an Instagram Story, Rebel spelled out “This was NEVER my diet.” “Also have NEVER endorsed any diet pills or magic weight loss pills,” she added. “Do NOT want anyone to get scammed.”

Diet plan of Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson clarified that she maintains a high-protein diet.

In an interview with People, she stated that she used to consume 3,000 calories every day.

She said. “So, I’ve really changed to eating a high-protein diet, which is challenging because I didn’t use to eat a lot of meat. I eat fish, salmon, and chicken breast.”

Majorly she credits the coronavirus pandemics which made her slow down and turn “bad habits to healthier ones.”

It made her overall approach towards health and her struggle with emotional eating trivial.

While Rebel  never deprived herself from munching

Since she’s just trying to maintain her current weight, she mentions that she enjoyed more snacks on her plate, and she even treated herself with guilty pleasures such as ice cream and chocolate.

She says this draws her near “maintainable.”

Rebel Wilson emphasises on indulging on healthy, addition of nutritious ingredients into some of meals she already loves, like adding shredded carrots and avocados to tacos.

Rebel Embarks 2020 as “The year of Heath”

This year brought tin so much more to “FAT AMY” that she stated this year to be healthy, as she knocked of whooping amount of excess fat, prioritised health and exercises.

Rebel Wilson made elementary life changing things including:

  • Simply walking
  • More smart food swaps
  • Hydrating her body frequently
  • Trying to avoid the sugar and junk food


Catch up on, REBEL WILSON’S Instagram page out her latest workout video. , where she is along with @jonocastanoacero and @hugh_sheridan run through an epic Opera House stair challenge workout!

To Summarise on Fat Amy’s weight loss Transformation

Rebel Wilson was never too hard on her; she enjoyed her meal time, took frequent vacations and treated herself with guilty pleasure to ensure she wasn’t devoid of life smallest memories

Rebel justified a moment to celebrate and took it to Instagram and posted a picture in a swimsuit with a subtitle stating that she had gained 3 kilograms (on vacation).


I’m at an amazing all-inclusive resort…I’ve lost all self control,” she wrote that she would buck up tomorrow and hit the gym, sweat it out and hydrate…She would be back to her habitual eating regime because she loved herself a lot more than anyone else.

“It doesn’t help to be hard on you but I know what it’s like to feel guilty and not great after eating too much.” She Quoted

Here comes the big message to sum up Rebel Wilson, also famous as FAT AMY’s weight loss journey.

“Your body does not define your soul, neither does your weight, you are more than your looks…try to be your best at your peak health and don’t hit hard on yourself”.

Be the best version of you

Rebel Wilson makes a remarkable example of faithfulness on Instagram – just calls her the “Queen of Balance”.

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