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What to know the secret way older sister Khloe Kardashian helped Brother Rob Kardashian lose weight Read this

Until recently, the famous Celebrity star Rob Kardashian has been battling weight gain issues and is found to be depressed about it. He tried hard to lose weight but was unsuccessful…It was then his older sister Khloe Kardashian motivated him and helped him achieve the desired result.

Rob Kardashian has been serious about having a healthy body and is now in a happy place

What to know how exactly Khloe helped her younger brother stay grounded with motivation and achieved fitness?

Read on below to find out.

Who is Rob Kardashian?

Robert Arthur Kardashian is an American born in 17 march in the year 1987, and he is a famous television personality

He is renowned for his appearance in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it’s a reality television show which makes the Kardashian family a centre of attraction

Rob kasdashian grabbed a third place in the 13th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars,

Born to three sisters – Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé.

His father, Robert Kardashian, died in September 2003 from esophageal cancer.

Rob Kardashian pursued his education of basic degree from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business in the year 2009

Rob Kardashian Career

Rob was a participant in the Dancing with the stars season in the year 2011.

Rob Kardashian has also actively taken part in various business ventures like PerfectSkin, and sock line; he works on Rival Spot and the BG5.

Rob has also been as a celebrity judge in the Miss USA 2012.

He also participated in FOX’s dating game show, the choice.

Rob & Chyna was a series reality TV show, it followed by a relationship with model come actress Blac Chyna, they also welcomed their child.


Rob Kardashian’s struggle with weight loss has been a real burnout

Like his sister Rob too had to struggle hard with weight issues, Rob looked much fit and fine during his times when keeping up with the Kardashian was a thing..

But things weren’t the same as Rob started to gain weight sinking deep into depression thereafter; this entire event took place in 2014

Rob even skipped attending social gatherings such as even his sister Kim’s wedding to Kanye’s in the year 2014.

His self-esteem was sinking and swanking down which made him skip his own family reality show.

The year 2016 has sprung itself to be a rebirth to burnt and dusted in humiliation for Rob Kardashian when he got engaged to Blac Chyna.

They even grabbed a reality series show Rob & Chyna, in which Robs real struggle with obesity has been attempted showcased, which happened before the birth of the couple’s darling daughter Dream Kardashian.

Life has always been full of ups and down for Rob be it weight loss or romance or career.

Rob and Chyna had a bad marriage and they called a split, which made Rob catch up with depression and he retreats from the spotlight again.

Rob Kardashian made headline in the year 2019 when he took to his instagram account to engage with his fans with his slimmer figure.

He had flushed out pounds of weight and readily flaunting his fit and sculpted body during Khloe Kardashian birthday party.

When Rob was about 28 years old, his health took on a bigger toll when he realized he was bound to be in the zone of diagnosis of type 2 diabetes back in 2015

It came as a REALITY CHECK of life for Rob Kardashian

Let’s check out more on type 2 diabetes

What is diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is often referred simply as diabetes, a disease that causes high blood sugar in the body.

Sugar in the body moves from blood in to your body cells to be saved there as an energy, this job is done by insulin hormone. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes his body does not make the required quantity of insulin and also body can’t effectively utilize the insulin it makes.

High blood sugar level if untreated can cause a severe damage to nerves, eyes, liver, kidneys and other organs

Here are some general symptoms of diabetes mellitus:

  • increased thirst
  • frequent urination
  • weight loss
  • increased hunger
  • blurry vision
  • sores that don’t heal
  • extreme fatigue

Reason for diabetes attack in general:

Various reasons can contribute for high blood sugar in the body, it may be due to genetical issues, certain lifestyle factors like obesity, hormonal changes in, carrying extra weight in the lower part of the body, consistent smoking and drinking habits, runs in the family, too much or oily and gluten food habits and so on.

Future Complications of suffering from diabetes:

An elevated level of blood sugar level in the body leads to damage of body tissues throughout. The higher your blood sugar level the longer you live with it , the greater is your risk to life and recovery at the end stage is really tedious or impossible.

Risk factors associated with Diabetes are:

  • Heart health deterioration
  • Brain stroke
  • Neurological disorders
  • Depression and hormonal imbalance
  • Vision associated problems
  • General loss of immunity
  • Derma and dental issues and so on

Key Highlights and take away from Rob Kardashian’s weight loss

Steps were taken by Rob Kardashian to eliminate the prevailing condition of diabetes completely:

In December 2015 Rob landed in a hospital as he had stopped taking insulin, he sought out alternative ways to move with diabetes, this was his wake-up call.

According to Rob Kardashian, he made changes in his lifestyle which helped him, they are:

  • Wake up early and get 2 to 3 hrs of aerobic exercise in a week.
  • Fully cut out on saturated and trans fat from his diet
  • Indulged in more green vegetables, red fruits, and whole grains, and legumes
  • Portion control has played the major trick
  • He targeted losing 7% of body weight if you are overweight or obese on a gradual basis

Sister Khloé Kardashian is Rob Kardashian’s biggest support system

Though Kardashian’s daughter, Dream, played a major role in transforming his body and trying to be a healthier self for him and his family, fan, and followers, she brought in the right motivation for the reality star to maintain his healthy lifestyle.

According to Hollywood Life, Khloé Kardashian has always been her younger brother’s biggest support system throughout his fitness journey.

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