If Gospel Singer Tamela Mann does it at 56: So can YOU

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She required to live healthily and consequently, transformed her life challenges into good will.

 Now, let’s find out how Tamela successfully lost 100 pounds.

This is a jaw-dropping weight loss journey of Tamela Mann, one of its kind Lady who lost 100 lbs. at the age of 56. 

Tamela Mann a famous gospel singer and The American actress who began her weight loss journey in the year, 2019.  After struggling with obesity for a long time, she on boarded this journey. She became unrecognizable after she made an incredible transformation. Till today her fans as awe –struck at her revolutionary body change.

Showing Tamela Mann before Vs After weight loss

When Tamela made her emergence, she had made a whooping 50 pounds weight loss. She sustained her weight loss journey later on too until she has lost overall 100 pounds

Everyone has been shocked and wondering the reason for a sudden weight loss transformation.

Some speculations have been rising that the weight loss is due to illness. 

 Tamela has lost weight willingly and happily


Mann had been suffering from obesity and constant weight gain; she couldn’t find her way out and was confused regarding various weight loss scenario and diets.

Her life changed for real when she discovered WW (then, weight watchers). 

Tamela soon figured out that it wasn’t an impossible thing to do. 

As soon as she signed up for the WW program, Mann was noted out to be an ambassador of the program. 

Later, she inspired her daughter Tiffany, to join the WW program as well. Tamela Mann is a family first person and she stated, “It’s nice to have a family member who’s like-minded on this journey! We both have goals we’re trying to reach”, Tamela appreciated her daughter’s decision. In reply to this, her daughter said, “Mama has always led by example – she’s a great wife and mother, and an incredible performer”. 

So let’s check in detail how this Mother–Daughter duo had a tremendous weight loss transformation

Tamela’s Diet Plan

Tamela functionality on making fair eating choices included some modesty: 

  • Yes, she followed some advice from WW on the matter of diet. But on the whole, however, most of Tamela’s menu was wisely chosen by herself.
  • She stopped eating food that enclosed an unhealthy amount of sugar.
  • She cut down on her portions
  • Maintain a calorific balanced diet
  • A larger portion of Tamela’s diet consisted of  green, veggies and lots of fruits
  • Added Greek yogurt for lunch as it was lighter , gut friendly and very low in calories

Tamela’s Workout Plan

During her weight loss journey Tamela Mann kept her weight loss secret up to the fact that she leveled up her workouts and considered them as the top most priority.

 I said to David Mann (her husband), ‘I just want to start with walking’. Then I started”, Mann clarified in her interview.

Photo: Showing Tamela Mann with her husband David Mann

Key Takeaways:

  • She started with one mile walk.
  •  Then she was up to two miles. 
  • This later transcended to  doing three miles a day
  •  Also she started doing 30 to 45 minutes on the elliptical, which she started enjoying.

Mann shared that she was glad having taken up walking as a routine to her weight loss regime and she thoroughly enjoyed doing it, she also mentioned that she had been on a journey to lose 50 pounds. Tamela credited WW for her success.

She also adopted cycling and swimming as a part of the weight loss system.

Before Mann started her weight loss journey, she weighed around 250 pounds. However, her current weight is 143 pounds

Tamela Mann and her Knee Surgery

Back in 2019, the heavy singer posted a video on Instagram to publicize and celebrate her extreme weight loss of 40 pounds. 

She lost all the heavy gluten from her body, she also expects people to join her in the weight loss journey if they need to.

Back in mid-July, she underwent a double knee surgery. 

Before and after the surgery, she’d been constantly and generously making headlines and engaging with her followers with updates on her progress to literally get back up on her feet.

How walking miles every day keeps you healthy:

Walking is a moderate-intensity exercise routine, which can be adopted easily into your daily life. Simple walking and brisk waking coupled with high fiber, low fat and lowest of carbohydrate food into your diet can make wonders in your life and induce feel good mood.

  More often can help you lose weight and belly fat, as well as provide other excellent health benefits, including a decreased risk of disease and improved mood. For a fact, walking just one mile burns about 100 calories.

Top health benefits of walking everyday:

  • Walking burns calories 
  • It keeps body in a lean mass level
  • Improves metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Majorly reduces belly fat
  • Reduces the risk of lifestyle disorders


Concluding remarks

The gospel singer appeared to be pretty comfortable with the weight loss transition she has made. However, she hasn’t stopped there. Mann is still following her instincts and focusing on her weight loss and is still subsequently managing to be with the WW course. She explained her plan as I’ve got 30 more pounds to go. I’m ready”. 

“During my recovery, physical activity was difficult for me, but I made it a priority to focus on my mental health and nutrition,” she wrote in an Instagram post her procedure. “For World #MentalHealthDay, “I want to encourage you all to take care of EVERY part of your body. So thankful my @ww journey has given me a great foundation to always lean on.”

Final Impressions

Her whooping 100 lbs. weight loss has shocked almost everyone in the game.

It’s easy to just think of weight loss as a thing, but Mann has really done what needs to be done. Yes, trailing of unwanted weight from your body is a hard thing to do but it is worth doing it. 

For Health is Wealth.


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