Top 10 Best Pre-Workout super foods

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Kathleen B. Simmons

“Our Food should be our medicine

 Our medicine should be our food”

As the famous quote says it all, pre work out foods are often referred as pre-workouts that are made for the purpose of providing high energy, excellent athletic performance and even to speed up the weight loss process.

Top 10 Best Pre-Workout super foods for You

Not taking in sufficient calories while working out in the most common mistake people make. Some workouts like hitting a gym , going on a jog or a brisk walk in the park , running and lifting heavy weights often do require us to de-energies on a higher level and we feel super drained , dejected and less motivated.

The reason to this lethargy is due to not fueling the body well with enough nutrients.

When we enter in to the fitness zone, we make our mind to think of food as only few calories and not as energy boosters but to lose the required energy we need more energy, to flaunt tighter abs.

A greater level of balance between diet and exercise it utmost needed to remain fit

As a matter of FACT, the major fuel provider in the body is carbohydrates; it is often expected to work more towards having ideal carbs rich food. Ones that are easily digestible those which can curb hunger and energy draining during a workout

Key points about PRE- WORKOUT

What is a Pre-Workout?

To keep up with the energy mode on while you workout few extra miles, you are often suggested to have a pre workout meal.

Why should you need to take it?

A proper pre-workout meal or a snack can aid in more weight loss and burn more calories, it helps to keep the workout aura and aids in more weight loss.


Hitting the Gym on an empty stomach just thinking to lose more weight won’t work at all. Conversely you don’t have to have a stomach full meal heartily before you start the workout either. Pre-workout meals come with a motto, “YOU NEED ENERGY TO BURN MORE ENERGY”.

List of Pre –Workout Meals:

  1. Quinoa:

This is an ancient age old school power packed nutrient rich food; it helps to start off the day right with the best in build energy. Quinoa comes with a high in fiber package, excellent source of protein, and a pretty low glycemic index…Due to these amazing properties quinoa has been linked to weight loss and yield improves health benefits

  1. Oatmeal topped with Almonds and Banana:

Oatmeal is as healthy as it looks , very light in colour and feel , yes it does the same thing in the gut , its light and gut friendly , providing a healthy and delicious breakfast option. If you are looking to lose weight but working out this meal provides not only a low calorie supplement but also high in protein and rich in fiber composition, it can keep you full for a longer duration.

To top it with taste and another power layer of energy adding chopped pieces of banana , flax seeds or few pieces of almonds makes it a high energy pre workout routine meal.

  1. Green Tea:

This is a powerful anti-oxidant drink that is mainly zero calories, it enhances faster fat burning. Regular consumption of green tea as a fat burner helps you lose weight , give that extra leap of energy to work out and burn more .Green tea is also an excellent agent of reducing the risk of fatal diseases related to heart and cancer , it reduces BP and Blood sugar levels.

  1. Caffeine:

Caffeine is a high energy infusionist that can be consumed to boost in long term bouts of exercise, indulging in a caffeine drink can promote better endurance level on a workout platform like a gym or a jogging track.

To get a lean and fully sculpted body, caffeine can be a great choice to be added in your daily morning or evening pre-workout drink

Also not to ignore the health benefits of caffeine, it’s a typical mood booster, it exerts mind alertness, makes your focus sharp and gives an instant energy boost to uplift body metabolism.

  1. Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt or simply yogurt is another high protein component to be added to the list of daily protein intake categories. Yogurt is associated with huger reduction and is on a lower risk of weight gain compared to other dairy products.

To enhance its taste a Greek yogurt can be topped with flax seeds or, chia seeds, mint or parsley and consumed in as a smoothie

  1. Eggs:

One of the most favorite energy powerhouses are eggs, consumed whole topped with a dash of salt and chilly flakes, half boiled or scrambled form or as an omelet.

If you’re a fitness freak and want to maintain a healthy high energy body, including egg in your daily pre-workout plan is a must…at least one egg a day. Eggs do contain fat but “good fat”, easily digestible fats. Eggs are a great source of proteins and amino acids

  1. Protein shake:

A quick and easy dish that is good to go and easy on stomach is a high protein fruit or a vegetable shake…it is a fast releaser of the required energy of a pre-workout. Also high on fiber and simple n carbohydrates. Topping the shake with proteins, seasonal fruits like berries, mangoes, pine apples can be delicious and mouth watering to.


The topic of this blog itself talks about “pre-workout meals”, i.e. food to be consumed just before you hit the gym. It is best advised to follow a time span of 20-30min before work out.

The entire scenario is to provide an energy boost before workout and to avoid immediate eating just after workout…eating right after a workout puts a larger strain in your muscle.

Eating a right kind of pre-workout food is essential so that your stomach should not try hard to digest food, in that case you shall not be able to work out optimally. This might expand the food eaten resulting a bad gut.

Pre-workout meal is essential to need the right amount of energy to kick start a workout, when there is a lack of this fuel in term of calories.

If you’re on a journey to lose weight and to build strong muscle, but not having a pre-workout meal you’re making your own body muscles tissues to burn out into energy which can be fatal and be counterproductive in results.

So not missing out on a pre-workout meal packed with high fiber, lean protein, low fat, and simple carbohydrate to provide sufficient energy during workout integrated with proper hydration is very important to yield successful result

Also consulting a good dietician, a nutritionist or a doctor regarding the same is best advised.

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