Whitney Thore’s weight loss journey

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If you have watched “My big fat fabulous life,” you will know how awesome the performance of Whitney Thore was, and she was the show’s star. Even if you had not watched the TLC series, you might be familiar with the body-positive activist, the author of a book called “I do it with the lights on.” In her book, she proves to the audiences that anyone, regardless of their size, can be beautiful, totally shattering the myth that you must be thin to look attractive. She has a positive and fearless attitude that has made her a role model for many.

Many people consider the word “fat” insulting, but Thore is not one of them. Despite all this word’s negative connotations, Thore reclaims it as an adjective that does not come in with a built-in judgment. All of her therapies and the recoveries and her attempt to become a healthier person are trying to get away with the idea that fat women are not inherently bad. She finally realized.

Moving to Korea was a turning point in her life.

After completing college, Thore taught English in Korea, where she faced a lot of discrimination because of her weight. She was assaulted and cursed. When she moved back home, this assault motivated her to lose weight. But she tried losing weight; it made things worse for her as she was trying too hard. After a long workout, someone driving by called her “fat” she realized that she was trying to make other people happy rather than keeping herself happy. She realized that at that weight, her body could be what it wanted, and she liked the way her body looked. She was obsessed with the idea of other people calling her fat. From that time onwards, Thore focused on being comfortable in her skin rather than ensuring that her body did not offend other people.

Thore’s journey

Thore’s journey might involve her weight and her path to accepting her body, but her show is not geared toward those going through similar experiences with their bodies. She says that she spreads a broader message about being different, which is why so many people find her relatable. Though she considered a weight loss surgery, her fans were not happy with her decision. That is because she always prided herself on being her best self. She also encouraged others to love their bodies irrespective of whether they are big or small. Though Whitney gained hundreds of pounds due to PCOS, she managed to live an active life.

Talking more about PCOS

Thores’ weight gain was largely due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS. This condition affected her from her teens, and it caused her to gain weight and lose hair clumps, and she rarely got her periods. She was diagnosed with PCOS after college and had not even heard of the hormonal disorder before that.

Whitney Thore was suffering from trauma after her engagement with her fiancé was called off. She also considered weight loss surgery for the first time in her life. She said that opting for a weight loss surgery was out of her character, and she thought so when her fiancé cheated on her for another woman. She considered surgery in to hope that life would be a little better and other people would treat him better. She said that she liked the idea of being fat. However, she did not like how other people treated her because she was fat. She was at a low point, and that is when she decided to go for fat reduction surgery. Neither her friends nor her family was happy with her decision. After talking to the therapist, she realized that she was trying to find ways to feel better after her breakup.

Thore, fat girl dancing.

Thore’s journey of body positivity started way back in the year 2014. She decided to post a video of her dancing and titled it “Fat girl dancing.” She posted the video because she had a dancing background, but after gaining a lot of weight in her twenties, she stopped dancing. Dancing was something that she loved the most. She posted this video to reclaim her love for dance, and she also wanted to show the world that you can dance even if you are fat. The video became so viral that Whitney got a show that featured her day-to-day life.

Mental health update

From the age of 18 years, Whitney Thore suffered from depression, and she was also suffering from an anxiety disorder. Her splitting with her fiancé and the COVID 19 pandemic hit her hard.

At her heaviest, she weighed as much as 380 LBS. When she started dieting and exercising, she seriously considered weight loss surgery. There had always remained quiet about her weight loss and even called out to her social media followers for being too fixated on her looks. She got tired of it and wrote about whether there was something else that she could discuss with her fans rather than weight loss.

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