The Secret of Al Sharpton’s to weight lose

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The Civil Rights Campaigner and Political Analyst now eats’ Kale Salad – Secret to Al Sharpton’s Weight loss

Al Sharpton has himself kept his weight loss progress aloud and about via social media channels, through his exhaberating selfies floating through the internet… He has reduced to half of what he used to be, totally swiped off 300 plus pounds- to a whopping 130 pounds body. And it’s thrilling to know that he is still in the process to slice out even more at the age of 64!

Who is Al Sharpton?

Alfred Charles Sharpton was born in the Brownsville locality of Brooklyn, New York City.

Alfred Charles Sharpton is a famous civil liberties protester, baptist reverend, talk show host, and gripping politician

Al Sharpton is the originator of the National Action Network. In the year 2004, he was proposed to be a perfect candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. presidential election.

He is a courteous host of his own talk radio talk show, Keepin’ It Real, and a frequent materializer on cable news television.

-In the year 2011, he was announced to be the host of a talk show MSNBC’s Politics Nation

In an Interview, Reverend AL Sharpton gets candid about his strictly controlled diet, how he turned his lazy days into a positive vibe, and how his family supported him to achieve an impressive weight loss.

What was AL Sharpton’s need to lose weight?

One fine day, Al Sharpton realized the need to strengthen his bones and body, when he was kicked by his daughter to his belly stating “daddy you are fat”.

It made an impulsive impact on him, that Al Sharpton was shattered and could not take it, he was immensely determined to knock off 130bs weight from his body without any magic pills, bariatric surgery, or drenching on a fancy diet

How Obesity Changed AL Sharpton’s life

When AL Sharpton was a busy politician, a remarkable talk show host, and a civil rights activist he discovered an alarming scene happening in his life that shocked him, he had developed a serious risk of heart disease and a high Blood Sugar level…

He also gathered an old incident when he thanked being overweight as it saved his life in an irony when he was stabbed in his chest before a rally in Bensonhurst on his journey to protest for a black teenager who was mobbed by a white English man.

The knife had almost plunged his chest and made a thorough puncture to his lungs, he would have been dead by now if not for his body fat which saved his chest.

It was Al Sharpton’s 60th Birthday and he refused to take a small piece of the sugary cake, while he let everyone rejoice at the party that was the dedication his weight loss journey had brought in him.

He told to The Newyork Times, that he has completely eliminated sugary starch, and gluten from his diet and has adopted a healthy eating regime for a lifetime

While he was once upon a time a man of eating, he loved his fried chicken and he enjoyed a larger pound of fried chicken on his platter almost at every meal every day.


Al Sharpton’s daily calorie intake comprised of:

  • Breakfast:
  • A wheat toast with about Three slices

Calorific value: {about 300 calories / 15g of protein}

  • A Doctor Earth green juice from Juice Press

Calorific value {about 180 calories / 2g of protein}

  • Lunch:
  • A salad containing
  1. Lettuce
  2. Tomato
  3. Onion


  • A chopped hard-boiled egg
  • A balsamic vinaigrette

Calorific value {about 240 calories / 6g of protein, depending on serving size}

  • A banana (about 100 calories and 1g of protein)
  • Dinner: A green juice made of Kale, Spinach, and Celery- a high fiber intake

Totally about 1,000 calories and 26 grams of protein a day, less than half the normal “voluntary diet.”

Al Sharpton also added juice, banana, and toast as per his doctor’s suggestion-who told him he wasn’t eating enough with just a lunchtime salad a day.

He still doesn’t eat any solid food after 6 p.m

 An Important Day in AL Sharpton’s Political Life

AL Sharpton had just started of his diet and he had to probably be at Sylvia’s with Barack Obama. This was in ‘07 when he was running for president and was a senator then.

He planned to order an all time favorite, the fried chicken, the macaroni, and all the other stuff. Barack Obama started digging in, and he wouldn’t eat. Barack Obama said “C’mon Rev!” I said, “Man, I don’t even touch that stuff no more.”

There’s a famous picture of Sharpton and Barack Obama, who was gobbling a chicken leg and laughing because Sharpton just told him that he would not touch that stuff.

It was then AL Sharpton realized the fact that he had turned out to be extremely disciplined with eating, he stated “I was at a soul food dinner with Barack- Obama and didn’t eat the food”.

WORKOUT Routine of AL Sharpton

About a year and a half ago, AL sharpton woke up at 4.00 am in the morning, all because he loved going to the gym when he was alone.

As a Celebrity Politician and a Talk Show host people acknowledged him and wanted to greet him, have a word of mouth with him, he took this time in the GYM as a self care ritual and wanted to meditate, deal with all the toxic detox processes and enjoy the workout.

Every morning religiously Sharpton visited the gym and enjoyed his workout time…he would indulge in 20 minutes on the elliptical, or else he would do 2.5 miles, or either he would be on the elliptical treadmill and do two miles on the bicycle.

See more, on AL SHARPTON’S INSTAGRAM to know about his workout routine

Key points on AL Sharpton’s weight loss transformation

AL Sharpton has always been a disciplined Politician and activist, as an early morning person AL Sharpton managed to wake up by 4.00 am and hit the gym for fitness by 5.00 am

He took up weight lifting and cardio on the treadmill as a major weight loss organization to achieve the weight loss transformation he did.

Al Sharpton did strength training which made him stronger and fitter, it protected his bone health and improved muscle mass at 64.

Weight lifting promoted weight loss effectively, gradually and consistently improving body metabolism

He developed better body mechanics to strengthen his core; the more he did it, the more it showed up on him, it calmed him down and released stress from his body

AL Sharpton’s mood improved and energy levels enhanced which was vital for the work he did

It was a much required morning time, as therapy and something as important to get in shape at the same time

That’s why weightlifting and elliptical is important

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