How Did Tessa Brooks Lose 20 Pounds?

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Tessa Brook is a famous dancer, model, actress, and social personality. She is very entertaining and loved by the audience. She also has a youtube channel with the name Tessa Brooks with 3.42M subscribers. In the summer of 2020, Tessa Brooks surprised her fans by releasing a video in which she shared some tips and secrets, about how did she lose 20 pounds. 

Tessa thought to shed some extra pounds, though she was happy with her body and she appreciates every body type. She was muscley and tiny since her young age said, Tessa. She always enjoyed eating but quick weight gain and those extra pounds frustrated Tessa. So she decided to lose weight along with her hectic work life and finally she made it. Below you will see how did Tessa Brooks lose 20 pounds, her workout routine, and the diet she followed. 

Tessa Brooks Workout Routine

You might be surprised to know that this Diva started dancing when she was just 2 years old. Tessa dances every day makes reels, and Tik-Tok videos, and has her own youtube channel where she posts her dance videos and vlogs.

Tessa is never a gym lover, so she always preferred outdoor activities like hiking, attending Pilates classes, and walking with friends. Being a dancer she gave priority to dancing rather than other stuff, dancing makes her happy and satisfied and played a major role in her weight loss journey.

Along with the dancing she also did yoga, and other exercises later in the day to tone and strengthen the muscles. Tessa was too passionate to lose weight, so she started 30 minutes cardio workouts and 20 push-ups every day for toning muscles.  

Tessa Brooks Every day Workout Routine


Tessa shared on Instagram about her workout routine, she did dancing for an hour, this dance workout helped her to burn calories and tone her muscles. Along with that, she did full-body stretching.


In the evening hours, Tessa did 30 minutes of cardio on a treadmill and then a circuit routine thrice a week. In the last two days, she did Pilate Training for an hour. 

Active rest of the days

After the above five-day workout she stays active on weekends by doing hiking, trekking, or playing outdoor sports.

Tessa Brooks Everyday Diet 

Tessa who is a big foodie decided to give up all dairy products to lose weight. She mentioned it is the most challenging part as she loved eating dairy foods. She strictly followed rules given to her to achieve her target. She included smoothies in her breakfast. At lunch, she only ate chicken tacos or a green light salad, and for dinners, she ate tasty and light fat-free food items. She always eats in moderation whenever she is out due to her hectic work schedule. 

She completely avoided eating chips, white rice, sour cream, cheese, and corn. She also asked her fans to follow the same to lose weight. After all, her hard work paid off and she noticed a great change. This change gave her more confidence, energy, and motivation to do better. 

Tessa says following a healthy diet, made her more energetic, her brain works better, and she doesn’t get tired like before. 

How did Tessa Brooks Look Like Before She Lost 20 Pounds?

Tessa looked equally beautiful before her weight loss. She always wears a big smile on her face which is the secret of her beauty. She wins thousands of hearts with her one smile. But this weight loss has given her more confidence, energy, and enthusiasm. She no longer feels tired and is always ready for outdoor sports even after the hectic weekdays. This is how she looks before and after weight loss.


Tessa Brooks Height and Weight

Tessa with a healthy diet, dance, and regular workout regime lost 20 pounds. She is now 54 kgs / 121 pounds. Tessa looks pretty tall as her height is 5 feet 6 inches. No doubt Tessa always looked pretty but after her weight loss, she is looking more gorgeous and won everyone’s heart. 

How Does Tessa Brooks Maintained Weight Loss?

Maintaining weight is not tough if you follow the rule of moderation. Tessa does the same, now she does take dairy products to the limit, unlike before. You can not completely cut off all the food items from your life, this won’t help in the long run. Rather eat in moderation and compensate for it at the gym or by any other workout to burn those extra calories. 

To maintain weight she takes vitamins and celery juice which she stated to enjoy after learning its benefits. Tessa often eats cheese but to compensate she works hard in the gym. 

Tessa also believes in cheat days, she says having some healthy food every day can make anybody sick so cheat days are a must. 

Lastly, Tessa talks about the impotence of good hydration for weight loss. Proper hydration is very essential for everyday health but it plays a key role when it comes to weight loss or weight management. We are often confused between thrust and hunger which makes us overeat even if not hungry. “Hydration plays a vital role in reducing weight. It increases metabolism and burns calories at a faster rate which helps in weight loss. 

Conclusion On How Does Tessa Brooks Lose 20 Pounds 

Tessa Brooks with a healthy diet, lifestyle change, and proper workout shed 20 pounds. She does not only look prettier but more energetic. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is no big deal all you need is motivation and determination. Follow Tessa Brook’s tips to shed extra pounds and look gorgeous. You can also check her videos on Youtube and Instagram. If you like this article please like, share, and follow us. Till then bye Stay Healthy!

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