How did KELLY CLARKSON lose 36 lbs weight?

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Fluctuating Body Anomaly, Body Shaming, New Brand Launch, and Four kids:  KELLY CLARKSON does it all, with 36lbs weight loss


Who is Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson is an American singer, a famous songwriter, a profound author, and an amazingly beautiful television personality.

Fame came her way as bed of roses, after winning the first season of American Idol in 2002, which fetched her record deal with RCA.

We all love Kelly Clarkson for one reason of a fact that she has a fabulous voice, but also she graces any occasion with poise and honest also facing the body shammers with seemliness

The Famous Voice coach and host of a new talk show, Kelly Clarkson endorses body positivity where ever she goes and always comes across as contented in her own skin

She is unapologetical about her weightloss and here is so,

how she did it?

She said, “She still eats real food, just with a different focus”.

The strategy that worked for her

It was summer 2018 when Kelly started moving around for various appearances on stages, her fans and media persons noticed that she had slimmed down, and it was during a red carpet interview with EXTRA at CMT Music Awards , that she revealed has lost- weight due to a calorie restrictive diet that she was following

Kelly mentioned that “I’m not working out!” Kelly said. “I literally read this book … It’s called The Plant Paradox”.

The book is basically all about how we need to cook our food, no chemicals, eating really organic basic food, no pesticides.

Things that changed her Life

Kelly made headlines when she mentioned that she was battling another health issue, and the entire weight loss followed religiously as a “side effect”, as she was on a restrictive diet to lose 37 pounds and after making alterations to her diet she achieved a drastic weight loss.

Kelly Clarkson was open about her autoimmune disease and a hormonal issue that triggered her thyroid gland functioning that happened in the year 2016.

She mentioned this to Hoda Kotb in the year 2018 on a special appearance on the Today show stating thatI know the industry loves the weight gone, but for me, it wasn’t really (about) the weight. For me, it was ‘I’m not on my medicine anymore.'”

How she managed the Industry, Media, and Magazine pressure

Despite the fact that the music industry and show biz was welcoming to her , she faced body shamming and more pressure during her early struggling days  from the people who worked with her in the music platform , she was extremely skinny and worn out.

She mentioned it with Glamour UK

Watch out for more,

How Kelly Clarkson kick off a workout system

Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss transformation has been one of its kind; she has always been real on social media platforms when it came to her diet and exercise.

She took to Twitter in November 2018 posting about her weight loss, “I still hate working out. I’m sweaty, red, and not any thinner”,

She tweeted that people say it was good for her heart, also people said that red wine was good to health…she said she never ignored science and its offerings to health benefits


How Kelly Clarkson managed weight Fluctuation and Body Shaming

Kelly was never bothered by critics on her weight issues, sometimes she was too fit to be trolled and there were times she as huge and bulky. She told during an appearance on The Ellen DeGegeneres Show in 2015, that she is a very creative person by heart and sometimes she is fit and get bad at kickboxing on a harder level, and sometimes she does not like it at all.

She would rather couch back with red wine.

Kelly has always been on the limelight ever since she won the American Idol, she was constantly trolled for her overweight and body shamming at the American Idol show she was the biggest girl, and she stated she wasn’t big enough to troll but she was called “BIG”.

She told:- It’s like, you’re just who you are. “We are who we are — whatever size.”


Let me tell you How Kelly Clarkson’s weight gained on a holiday

Kelly was found joking on herself in December 2018 on Twitter that she was repeatedly gaining weight during her vacations with family, she doesn’t know how it bulked up while she was just on it, and in a vacay vibe, she promised herself that she would lose it as soon as she is back in the bay…with Hashtag, #TightPants #ButSoWorthIt

Kelly Clarkson’s Final quotes on having a Positive body image

It was 2018 Kelly was in an interview with Redbook, she got real about the peer pressures that she was facing as a curvy lady superstar in limelight, whether it was that she was gaining or losing people kept of speaking about her and her size.

She recollected an incident that occurred with Miranda Lambert – when both of them had dinner and they spoke about weight gain and ways to lose it, people should care about their health, they need to take care about body aesthetics

The key point to think about!

Being a Voice Coach, Kelly Clarkson spent many years dealing with criticism, and parallelly she faced a personality shift with the self-love phenomenon.

She always felt proud that her Voice was a perfect fit for her because it allocated her space and personality to shine.

She never felt pressure on set; also she returned back to back for four seasons of the show, she bagged the ticket to the number one show while being on the heaviest weight, it happened right after she was blessed to be a proud- mom.

She in fact was flooded with plentiful chances from NBC by Paul because she attracted people by her lovable personality, the way she connected with people, and being extremely raw and realistic in nature.

Her chosen career path had nothing to do with how she looked and how much she weighed unless she was fabulous at entertaining and connecting with the audience.

Her sex appeal or looks never bothered her audience…she mentions that it’s a prerequisite quality of all artists to feel good and keep up the fire on with the same mentality

For a gracious star like Kelly Clarkson, being happy with heaviness was the same as when she was her thinnest self. She never gauged her life from the body fluctuations she faced and the perks it came with.

Never indulge yourself with what people think or talk about you, you are at your best when you are happy inside out,

Kelly Clarkson on her weight loss transformation

Stop being in the spotlight of pleasing everyone, everyone should concentrate on their own life, their own happiness, and whatever that looks like is happiness for you, just do it and be the best at it

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