What Diet is Madison LeCroy On for Weight Loss

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  Madison LeCroy is a southern charm star, she was born on 6th October 1990 in Greenville, South California, United States. Madison attended the Carolina College of Hair Design, at a very young age she started to pursue her passion for make-up and hair design.

After working really hard for years, she decided to continue with hair and makeup. She owns a happening salon, she has a dream to expand it to fulfill her vision. Madison is always career-oriented. She always enjoyed her work and gave her 100% but she always said there is nothing more important than her eight-year-old son Hudson. She perfectly manages her personal and professional life. 

Madison LeCroy Weight Loss Plan

Madison made a one-month plan for clean eating. Madison cleaned her fridge completely and re-filled it with green, vegetables, proteins, and other healthy stuff. LeCroy lost weight by strictly following a 30-day weight loss plan by replacing unhealthy stuff with healthy ones along with workouts. She completely focuses on proteins and veggies and gave up on dairy, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol. 

Madison re-filled her fridge from scratch. She kept eggs, green vegetables, and fruits which include natural sugar and carbs. She completed avoided artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

She always prefers to take protein-packed meals for lunch and dinner. She also includes tuna and lettuce wraps, steak, and lemon chicken with broccoli. She really worked hard to keep her body in shape and well maintained, she also does intense workouts with her personal trainer Gunnar Made. Madison prepares every meal freshly with lots of vegetables, she also prepares smoothies for breakfast.  

She followed the plant-based diet to detox her body which gave excellent results. Within four days she lost three pounds. Along with a customized weight loss plan, she focuses on medications, herbals, specific diets, different exercises, lifestyle, and behavioral modification techniques.  

Madison LeCroy’s Everyday Breakfast

Thinking about breakfast, the first thing that comes to mind is toast and cereal. But madison thinks differently she takes a very colorful breakfast. Madison LeCroy includes two hard-boiled eggs, some blueberries, and raspberries with a glass of fruit juice like apple, celery, kale, spinach, cucumber, kiwi, and lemon. She likes fruit juices in the morning for sure, she takes celery juice for skin benefits. 

Along with her breakfast, she takes a KOR wellness shot and some vitamins too. This reality star eats a clean breakfast and is health-conscious too. She shared on Instagram a picture of her refrigerator that includes eggs, greens, bottled water, hummus, kombucha, and other healthy stuff.  

Madison LeCroy’s Weight Loss Workout

Madison LeCroy posted on her Instagram account with the caption “ Day one No Alcohol, no carbs, no sugar, 29 days to go”, while in the gym. 


Workouts are the major component of weight loss. She workouts four days a week. Sometimes three days a week. Madison did intense work out to attain overall health with the help of her personal trainer Gunnar, he also helps her with her meal plans to keep her body in shape. 

Madison LeCroy’s Weight Loss Methods were Criticised by Netizens

Although Madison LeCroy worked hard to make dietary changes by replacing all the unhealthy stuff with healthy ones and cutting off alcohol and artificial sweeteners completely, her weight loss methods drew criticism. She also received negative statements on Instagram. She said she is only replacing processed carbs and sugar with natural carbs and sugar for weight loss. She was also criticized for using plastic bottles. Later she mentioned that she go to bed early to avoid late-night and unhealthy cravings. 

Madison Reveals about Her Plastic Surgery

Madison reveals about her plastic surgery, she always informed her followers about the cosmetic procedure and post-operation things. She says eating well and doing workouts is not enough, few things are difficult to change. Things get too different after becoming a mommy. Madison admits that she underwent plastic surgery including a boob job and pitting her abs back together. 

Madison says that she is not ashamed but rather very outspoken about her cosmetic surgery. She says she always wants to look fit, which makes her happy. After surgery, she was pleased to say that she is very happy with the results. She also recommends everyone who has insecurities about something that can be fixed.

She also said women should not feel bad or awkward about any changes they make to their bodies to enhance their looks. If such changes make you feel confident and love yourself more then they should go ahead.  

Conclusion for What Diet is Madison LeCroy on for Weight Loss

Madison LeCroy with her 30-day weight loss plan maintained a healthy body and shape. She followed the protein-packed and colorful diet for which she replaced everything and started with scratch to attain maximum benefits. Along with a healthy diet, she followed her workout regime seriously to attain her goal. Making simple dietary changes and being consistent can make you healthy and fit like Madison.

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