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Trailing down your body weight isn’t something that happens overnight. There goes a lot of hard work, commitment, and perseverance.

Once you reap the result, it’s all worth it.

And one celebrity who’s done an amazing job is actor Kevin James.

“The King of Queensstar was shining in the film “Here Comes the Boom” back in 2012, starring his career as a boxer, and he had to be in good shape.

Kevin James developed a larger-than-life attitude which in a few months of time made him lose more than 80 pounds.

And it was a solid transformation to even recognize him. What an Inspiration!

Kevin James has had a pretty remarkable career.

He was a college football player who later turned to comedy and humorist; he later got a role that brought a remarkable change in his career forever.

Kevin James Weight Loss’s success story is building astounding ripples in the celebrity fitness sphere. Kevin James was also known as a Hollywood heavy bagger being tremendously successful in shedding extra weight after a suspended smoking habit.

Kevin James Weight Loss program is known for its innovative approaches to staying fit.

Kevin James’s Weight Loss plan consists of a vigorous blend of a balance calorific diet and exercise.

The victory of Kevin James’ weight loss agenda is due to its balanced approach to lifestyle.

What made Kevin James Gain Weight?

Kevin’s weight loss journey has been overflowing with huge ups and downs, overwhelmed with the bad eating results.

Kevin’s pitiable eating practices always administered him to gain back weight every time he lost it.

The actor choked to love eating processed food and junk, as a result, it made it difficult for him to keep the weight off the bay.

Kevin had severally endeavored to lose weight strictly, but he was never successful at stopping himself from gaining the weight back.

 Kevin James munching on a mammoth Pizza loaded with cheese, mayo, and more carbs

Tips shared by Kevin James to his fans and friends on weight loss

  • He said, his routine incorporated a ritual of following a low carbohydrate diet and running every day.
  • He made it a mandatory ritual to run 5 miles every day.
  • Although he managed to lose 50 pounds, but he gained all the weight back because Kevin couldn’t keep the weight off due to his poor eating habits, so

Key Insight: After he gained back the lost 50 pounds of weight, he ended up bulking more and more with over 300 pounds, huge and dramatic enough to make him bigger than what he looked before.

Towards the end of the show, The King of Queens, as his weight neared 300 pounds, he decided to lose weight and began Kevin James’s weight loss journey.

Why Did He Decide to Lose Weight?

It was 2004, Kevin decided to get married to Steffiana de la Cruz, and the marriage is resulted in the blessing of four children.

Kevin has expressed that his desire to remain in his children’s lives as powerful energy gave him a weight loss inspiration.

Kevin apprehends the penalty of him for not taking care of his health which later led to decided to do better for his family. As the best father to his kids, he realized the importance of being together with his kids for a long time and healthily.

He understood that an unhealthy lifestyle could cause health challenges that changed his life.  He went back to the weight loss routine and lost 40 pounds over the next few pounds.

Also, he co-wrote and produced his next role in the movie “Here Comes the Boom”, which required him to lose some weight and it came to him as a blessing in disguise.

Kevin James Real Weight Loss Journey

In the movie, Here Comes the Boom, he played the role of a teacher who tries his hand over at mixed martial arts

During the movie’s preparation for the role, Kevin James, with the help of MMA mentor, Ryan Parsons, undertook extreme training that helped him lose about 80 pounds.

Kevin James Weight Loss Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Kevin’s favored weight loss routine was to adopt a low-carb diet and run every day.

It enforced for him like never before, his daily routine became more and more intense for the “Here Comes the Boom”, role.

His routine workouts then included:

  • Boxing
  • Kicking
  • Pushups,
  • Sit-ups, and
  • Other cardio exercises.


When Kevin James far from a gym facility, he would use the local reachable’s like:

  • Run up and down flights of hotel stairs
  • Run for an hour through the town
  • Or rent a bike and go cycling hard for an hour.

For his trainer Parsons Kevin had to perform the role credibly, he needed to be trained in some specific areas like stamina, coordination, flexibility, and core strength.

To make it happen Kevin had an exercise routine that enclosed pushups and sit-ups.

He also employed the use of a medicine ball with which he integrated into his exercises.

Key Highlights:

  • Kevin James pursued a strict low carbohydrate diet.
  • He completely eliminated processed sugars from his meals
  • Got his extra calorie needs from fruits and green leaves

The Conclusion

Looking over Kevin James’s weight loss journey, he achieved tremendous efforts to improve his life. 

He put in a lot of hard work, and also tried to overcome his eating habits, and his hard work paid off.


Kevin James was able to attain the preferred results with his diet and exercise program by:

  • Performing the right kinds of workouts
  • Eating the right types of food.

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