Rick Ross Weight Loss: Rapper Drops 75 Pounds

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Wanna know all of it, let’s check out this to get a lucid sight of what happened to the Heavy Rapper Rick Ross to lose a whopping 75 pounds of weight …Is that the back-to-back seizure that he faced on a flight? What made him leave everything behind and work on his body?

Let’s check out what the legendary Rapper has to say about his weight loss journey,

“If you are a bit of overweight right now you know you need to do something don’t wait for a doctor to tell you that you have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or even worse a seizure to wake up”! Rick Ross reveals.

Yes, this is what he meant, what would be the value of possessing money, a private jet when a seizer has to take your health on a Toss!

Rick Ross weight loss story tells whether you are 100 or more pounds overweight this pool of wisdom is for everyone.

RICK ROSS Body Transformation

The Rapper Rick Ross was weighing 350lbs, he had a reckless lifestyle – slept only like 3 hours a night and pounding back 24-oz prime rib and steaks at 4 AM. Rapper Rick Ross thought he was living life to its fullest. Not until two series of seizures within 24hrs in 2011 – which led to an emergency landing of his private jet?

This made him reevaluating everything in his Life

Despite the claims from unnamed sources that Rick Ross’s weight loss journey was the result of gastric bypass surgery but here is what Ross tells the real story, at the urging of his doctor Ross changed his diet, exercised, and saved his life by losing 75 pounds.

“I’m happy,” Rick Rose said in Men’s Health magazine interview.

Ross blueprint for successful weight loss

The key to Rick Rose’s weight loss was taking things slowly and rather than trying something quick fix.

Ross allowed himself to enjoy some guilty pleasures, while still undergoing weight loss.

For example:

  • Did not give up on having his favorite foods
  • He also loves to sleep for about 6 to 8 hours a day
  • Worked with a chef to develop healthy habits and recipes
  • Started working out with a group of friends for motivation


He started a “cross fit” weight loss program under the name “Ross Fit” session 4 days a week rose ghost for a warm-up job and then sets up 5 exercise stations with moves like deadlifts,  pushups, and continuing them for 30 minutes.


Victory Leaves Trace

5 best Rick Rose Weight Loss Tips

  • Start Today

 You do not need to have a convulsion to get on a program to get “fit and fab” if you know that you’re overweight now and start now before any medical emergencies can come in

The hard truth is that 70% of American adults are obese, so needing to lose weight is nothing new the point is to start and start today.

See More, https://www.medpagetoday.com/primarycare/obesity/90142

If you are overweight get determined, get focused, and start one by one each day

  • Be Enthusiastic to Change

You can alter your diet and exercise program; believe it or not, you do not have to be a Rockstar to transform your body from fat to fit. You need to switch on to a healthy lifestyle to succeed as a good human being on a planet like earth…important points to ponder from Rick Ross’s Weight loss regime

  • Eat high-quality good food
  • Stop eating heavy meals late at night
  • Add more vegetables eat healthy snacks such as fruits eat real fruits
  • Remove processed foods from your diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Start walking and begin lifting the program

This weight loss plan of Rick Ross made him lose 75 pounds of weight


  • Gradual fat loss is better than rapid lose weight

Losing weight slowly and steadily is the name of the game, the best plan to follow. There is no necessity to starve to lose some extra pounds; slowly this is the best path to follow,

  • A gradual weight loss is a vital component of healthy living.
  • Start with a simple exercise like walking every day.
  • Slow weight loss is the most successful path to follow.
  • Plan you daily Workout and the diet accordingly

if you have a personal chef or a good cook you have to come up with some meals which you can eat and enjoy and as well as diet steps :

  • Think naturally and locally…in a pretty straightforward way to food such as orange rice egg omelet or spinach potato salmon
  • Another easy option is a whole green Turkey or tofu sandwich
  • cut out on heavily processed foods be very conscious and record what your meals are or at least a week
  • Try to get an idea of what you are feeding yourself how are you feeling your body take it easy come up with some sample meals for yourself and stick with it what’s the magic happen.
  • Have fun find the workouts and food

Don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it, Rick Ross discovered the incredible benefits of deadlights and pushups like crisscross one needs to enjoy the weight loss journey.

  • If you accept the idea of gradual weight loss and muscle gain you will have fun the goal is to lose weight and get fit easily and comfortably
  • There is no reason you cannot delight yourself with some pizza or chicken with lemon pepper wings once in a week
  • Add weight training to your daily workout routine.


Taking key highlights from Risk Ross “CrossFit” program we can conclude that you cannot transform your body just by adding some strength training and as a result, you need to develop a personal adaptation of the CrossFit weight loss program.

The bottom line is that strength training is very much required to have an amazing transformation, try to do a deadlift because deadlift targets all the major muscle groups of your body therefore if you have one time for one weight training exercise do the deadlift.

How can beginners do deadlifts? Start off with resistance training, it is important to avoid hurting yourself by perfecting your deadlift by joining a gym or a fitness program to get amazing results.

Strength training yields the best results it is recorded, progressive and it will help you lose significant weight


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