SEA MOSS for weight loss

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SEA MOSS, a red colored sea weed: power packed nutrient, aids in weight loss?

Let’s Find Out,

It is estimated that over 74% of Americans are overweight, and it’s an alarming health concern as most of them are a crowd of the younger generation.

Following a balanced DIET and a regular exercise regime is always on cards, it’s a supreme sway of all times…however, a recent new trend has been on the health care block that is SEA MOSS for weight loss

While study divulges that sea moss can be a potential source of weight loss through its innumerable benefits.

Let’s arrive from the basics,


  • ­ It’s also called by the name Irish moss or as scientifically it has nomenclature as Chondrus crispus. Typical appears as a red-colored seaweed found in the Northern Atlanta place of Ireland, Canada and Ireland.
  • ­ It’s basically rich in various minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iodine.
  • ­ SEA MOSS is particularly helpful in providing variety of needs of the body vitals like calcium or healthy working of bones and iron for building muscle.
  • ­ SEA MOSS is a powerful ingredient that provides all these ingredients which helps in working on various home remedies like sore throat, chest congestion etc

Numerous studies shows that applying sea moss in to a regular diet routine can help in weightloss , as it aids in digestion and helps to stay fuller for a longer time

How does SEA MOSS aid in WEIGHT LOSS?

  • Helps in reducing body fat composition

Numerous studies reveal that sea moss has a composition of carrageenan which is a component which helps in reducing fat deposition in the body and avoids weight gain.

This is due to presence of fat reducing cells which lowers the absorption of fat by the body and also aids in breaking down of deposited fat cells.

This dynamic process can actually help in total weight loss, in a study conducted by NCBI about 1000mg of sea moss was consumed by a group of target audience who showed a marvelous reduction in fat loss and reduction in body mass compared to other who did not take up the test.

  • Improves the feeling of fullness

SEA MOSS has a very high fiber composition; it generally keeps the stomach full for a longer time than foods which are deprived of fiber. This feeling of fullness avoids unnecessary cravings and eating.

The mechanism behind the sea moss action is that it is indigestible nature, which is a fibrous food, due to this nature it absorbs water in its molecules making it like a jelly material, thus slowing down the digestion process.

  • Provides excellent support to GUT health by acting as a Prebiotic

There a millions of bacteria in your gut, these bacteria’s help absorb nutrition and improves overall health, but these bacteria strive due to imbalance eating and other hormonal reasons.

Weight gain and risk of obesity as related to gut health also due to which you need to keep a check of the GUT prebiotic intake.

Prebiotics are those foods which feed your gut bacteria with ample quality of fibrous food, so this improves the health of the gut, thus lowering the risk of fat deposition in the body


Some More Amazing Health Benefits of SEA MOSS

  • It an excellent source of natural Iodine: Iodine is often associated with various ailments like goiter , gall bladder issues , lower heart functioning issues , thyroid issues. These ailments control the functioning of various hormones in the body like that of thyroid, pituitary and hypothalamus. Hence to promotion better functioning of the body vital organs intake of good quality iodine in the right amount is essential for proper brain development and calcium deposition in the body.


  • Aids in good GUT health: As described earlier sea moss is a great promoter of gut health and enhances the growth of gut friendly bacteria’s microbiota which impacts the overall well being of the body. Improving the cognitive skills and emotional wellbeing by making a proper connection between gut and brain by providing the gut-brain axis balance.
  • Supports a good digestive system: Good health means a good digestive system , digestion process makes absorption of all nutrients effectively in the body , it aids in cells repair , increases energy, promotes growth of body cells . SEA MOSS acts as a fabulous promoter of gut health by making the food digest effectively. Also it is high in fiber and facilitates good health of the colon.
  • Advances Immunity to fight against diseases: Gut acts as a connector between body and brain, by making home for immune cells, gut makes body to utilize good bacteria and remove bad bacteria to fight against viruses and fungi. The dietary fiber present in sea moss acts as a fast way to flush out the toxins from the body , thus improves overall body functions
  • Enhances heart health: A super powerful quality of sea moss is its high fiber, more than any other vegetable. High fiber intake in the body helps lower control and improves heart functions thereby controlling blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Improves Workout Levels: High fiber intake makes body more mobile to function with sustained and prolonged energy, also sea moss so high in iron which makes body feel less tired sluggish and avoids brain fog. So the energy required for workout is thus provided by consuming sea moss in diet.
  • Improves the quality of HAIR, NAILS AND SKIN: The health of your hair nails and skin is solely dependent upon vitamins, minerals that pass through the body by food. Hence a diet rich of Vitamins such as VIT A, K and D, Fe are majorly provided by sea moss.



SEA MOSS is considered as a real super power house of fiber.Being super rich in vitamins and minerals, sea moss is a great choice if you are considering to lose weight and reap digestive benefits.High fiber supports GUT, increase immunity, and encourages healthy heart functioning.

With numerous minerals like iodine, iron sea moss can facilitate normal thyroid functioning and provides the appropriate energy levels.

While there is a downfall with respect to using sea moss in diet, as it can’t be consumed directly, it comes with a functional diet as a supplement.also body weight depends on a larger number of factors like age, history, genetics, height, lifestyle, gender and more, so a instead of opting for a self-guided foundational diet plan opting for a dieticians or nutritionist advise prior to consuming sea moss is more beneficial.

Sea moss is power packed with 92 of the total 110 minerals required by the body; it includes many nutrients that are key for various functioning.

A food substance possessing such a high nutrient density is rare.

Nevertheless if you are concerned with your nutrition and food intake, complementing your diet with sea moss can potentially increase the quality of health and fulfill al the body requirements

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