A deliberate weight loss of SEAN MURRAY: On Organic food & NO Alcohol

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People often mistake Tin McGee with Sean Murray

The latter plays the role of fiction of the character Timoth McGee on the much-awaited American TV drama NCIS.

People are so engraved in Tim McGee’s character, they that forget Sean Murray itself is Timothy McGee

Sean Murray played the fictional character of a computer crime branch cyber security expert…

Sean Murray has been a guest star in various episodes of season one….but in the second season, he was in the main crew.

The role fetched such high fame for Sean Murray that he became a regular feature for 20 years and people called him Sean Timothy!

Sean Murray rose to fame and got success in the year 1990’s when his movie HOCUS POCUS became a HIT!

No sooner did Sean Murray cross the age of 20 years, than it came to the notice of his fans, and Sean Murray has lost a drastic weight!!

 Who is Sean Murray?

Sean Murray is a native of Bethesda, Maryland in The United States of America.

Sean Murray’s father is Craif Murray; he has served the US Navy as an Officer for around 30 years, his mom is Vivienne Bellisario.

Early years of Sean Murray happened to be up near Coffs Harbor in the area of New South Wales, Australia.

 Strategies SEAN MURRAY adopted for achieving a tremendous weight loss

Sean Murray once mentioned about his weight loss journey as “lose a pound every week”, he stated to see him gradually lose the weight all throughout 24 episodes of season 7.

Strategy No 1: He cut out totally from alcohol

In order to lose weight gradually Sean Murray took a first step to cut off totally from alcohol, he started to concentrate more towards productivity

Benefits her reaped form Zero Alcohol Life:

  • Weight Loss: It’s hard for people to recognize the benefits of not consuming alcohol however it’s a prerequisite to reduce or cut out totally from alcohol, it thereby reduces to calorie intake, stops body from loading sugary stuffs.
  • Improved Mental Health: Alcohol is a depressant, it actually uplifts the mood for a shorter period and makes life beautiful while it’s just a bitter truth, it has serious negative side effects on you physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Better Looks With Good Skin: On reducing or completely giving up on alcohol you can see visible glow on Ur skin, as the hydration levels naturally increases. Alcohol is a popular diuretic which dehydrates the skin’s top layer and also body tissues. All these facts lead to long run aging leaving your skin dry  and wrinkled.
  • Sleep Better With No Alcohol: Alcohol before sleep causes disruptive sleep patterns to appear and leads to mental issues and instability in motor activities, to have a sound sleep and better working of brain cells and heart functions reduce or eliminate alcohol.
  • Inclusive Energy Level: After a night of alcohol drink when you wake up in the morning you feel drained up and it leads to giddiness, groggy feeling and it’s hard to re-energies to start the day. Save ur precious energies and make a way for a fabulous day, sleep right way by cutting on alcohol.
  • Supremely Working Organs: Alcohol affects overall body, from skin, hair and nails to other internal organ damages. On over boozing blood pressure increases, cardio vascular problems persist, kidney and liver damages.

Strategy No 2: Elimination of Sugar Completely from the diet

 Sean Murray was used to eating high levels of junk food.

  • Go Slow: Moving away from sugary food stuffs is quiet a task so the idea is to be slow, else it would be heavy for the body to eliminate it later stages in life …start off with basic stuffs like candies , chocolates , cakes and sugary drinks
  • Carbs contain sugar: In the form of sucrose , foods like white pasta, white sugar , white salt , white refined floor are loaded with sugar which slows down the process of food breakdown in the body and increases blood sugar levels
  • Say no to artificial sugar: An easy escape route to avoid sugar is by telling no to usage of artificial sugar. Stop thinking of sugarated drinks and eatery to avoid sugar cravings. Artificial sweeteners are like Stevia , Equal , Nutrasweet , Aspartame , Splenda And more

Strategy No 3: Sean Murray went Organic

Organic foods are those which are grown without using any kind or artificial chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fiber, fertilizers…and so on. as for as for animal feeds going organic means egg , chicken, fish and various other meat products that are not processed and made from animals that have lived and dwelled on natural outdoors, due to this organic foods have more antioxidants.

Key Take Away:

Sean Murray has achieved more than anyone can imagine from living a celebrity life to going up to cutting down on sugar , alcohol and being organic. He looks completely different on NCIS and his fans are awe-struck.

Sean Murray has strictly followed a disciplined approach towards weight loss like:

  • ­ Drink a minimum of 3 liters of water religiously to whack out fat , sodium , sugar and salt from the body
  • ­ Shut down the kitchen and zip your mouth at late evenings to avoid eating more.
  • ­ Opting a portion control on foods
  • ­ Saying complete NO to OILY food

Sean Murray made certain change to his life like he never opted for supplements, hire a personal trainer for his weight loss..He followed a systematic and organic approach from basics.

He fixed his goals on few basic things intact like cutting on alcohol, sugar and started off with organic food

If you are obese or over weight and are looking to lose weight, it is possible to do it the very much basic way keeping everything simple and easy. Spending a heavy amount on personal trainers or buying certain foods or supplements, You go Wrong!

A wholesome change of mindset and lifestyle makes a great change in body transformations.

Keep your goals simple and basic

Lose on pound a week, gradually and steadily so that you don’t hurt urself and feel dejected

Start off with small achievable goals…be consistent and work towards perfection

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